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I am Dwyan Alford. I became a vegan in 2005.  This site was created to share my experiences and be a resource for the vegan lifestyle.

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November 2017


In 1983, I developed a medical condition known as Diverticulitis. This is basically a growth or pouch that protrudes from the wall of the colon that became infected and inflamed. In my case it led to intestinal blockage. Yes folks, I could not take a sh*t!! This condition typically occurs in older adults not an 11 year old kid. I can still recall the intense excruciating abdominal pain and wanting to die.

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It took two rounds of surgery to remove the pouches and unblock me. The experience literally changed something inside of me. I wanted to understand what had happened to me. My investigation led me to study food science and nutrition. What does the human body require for optimal health? Soon I was convinced that a change in diet and lifestyle was necessary to keep me away from the surgeon’s knife. However, I did not become a vegan until 2005; testament to just how challenging it is to make such changes to one’s life.


My blog will be a testimony for the vegan lifestyle. I hope those who are contemplating the same journey can gain some insight from my experience. In due course, you will also find here a worldwide resource database for the lifestyle.

My motivation for becoming a vegan was based entirely upon improving my health. Based on my own research, and indeed the research of others, I came to believe that a vegan or plant-based diet can both prevent and reverse most of the diseases we as human beings die of every single year. This includes the biggest killer: cancer. That alone is reason enough for me, however I am aiming here to broaden that reasoning by taking a bird’s eye view of the vegan lifestyle to look deeply at the full impact of the food choices we make.

I hope to encourage and inspire as well as provide resources and a practical way forward. If you ever have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to answer them.

All the best,

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Dwyan Anthony Alford

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  1. Hello Dwyan, it is great to meet you. I love the purpose of your website, and how you are encouraging people to live the vegan life in order to avoid diseases caused by unhealthy foods. I’m sorry to hear about how you suffered from Diverticulitis back in the day, it’s sounds terrifying!!! I wish you all of the luck in the world, as you try to support people into getting into the vegan life!!!

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